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Your data are important and we know it, save them the right way with our services!

Who we are

Discover the quality, reliability and privacy assurance of our products.


Discover all the RePhone services available for your cellphone, smartphone and tablet.

Partner Area

Become RePhone partner and access the private area to know all the advantages.

Why choose us

Safe Process

The RePhone system allows to transfer all the data of your old cellphone to a new smartphone or tablet in a simple and fast way. The transfer process grants the safe transfer of contacs, messages, phots, videos, apps and ring tones.

Privacy Respect

Data transfer from cellphone to smartphone or tablet, just like any other RePhone service, is carried out in absolute respect of the privacy of every client. All the private data inside the old cellphone will be cancelled in a safe way and will not be disclosed.

Innovative System

RePhone offers innovative services for mobile phones. The system we use allows transfer, backup and restoration of data from an old cellphone to a new smartphone or tablet. It’s even possible to save data in a pendrive to be sure never to lose them.

Come visit us! We will be glad to take care of your data in absolute respect of your privacy.


Bring your phone in a RePhone shop

You can find us all over Italy: there are so many shops and service centers in which you can ask about our services.

And if you want to be sure not to lose your data, you can simply save them in a pendrive.


Transfer and save your data in a few minutes

Thanks to the ReStore services and to the innovative RePhone system, in a few minutes you can tansfer all your data from your old cellphone to your smartphone or tablet.

Backup can be done on a Micro SD, pendrive or on a remote server.


The phone is now ready with all your data

All the data of SIM card and Micro SD have been transfered: contacts, images, video, SMS, music and email accounts, included Gmail.

Our Services

Many exclusive services for you and your smartphone only in the partner shops of RePhone.


Transfer, backup and restoration

In a few minutes transfer and save contacts, SMS, calendar, photos, videos, music and ring tones.

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Recover data and passwords

Recover the data you accidentally eliminated from your smartphone, passwords included!

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Bring your old phone, smartphone or tablet and it will be valued freely and withdrawn for a new purchase.

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Bring us your smartphone, we will verify the operation and the presence of dangerous malware.

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